our approach

Our full-service approach for producing an impactful online event in a customised virtual studio consists of four phases:

Phase 1 – Creative Concept

You have a message for your target audience. We take your requirements and turn your message into a compelling story, complete with matching mood board and storyboard. We work together on the content and structure of the show, the stage design, the music, and how to maximize interaction and engagement for the target audience.

Phase 2 – Studio and Content Creation

Once all parties are satisfied with the creative concept, we proceed to create the digital environment and accompanying content. The virtual studio, the leader video with specially composed music, and the graphic elements such as bumpers and titles are custom-made by our team of visual effects artists, editors, and music producers.

In this phase, we also create a show outline based on your input and provide advice on script development, autocue usage, and optimizing studio utilization. While you provide any potential presentations yourself, we're here to assist with structuring and formatting. If desired, we can also provide slide styling and animation.

Phase 3 – Recordings and Live Streaming

Whether it's a live stream or recordings, we take the helm and support you throughout the entire event. Both technically and organizationally, from camera direction to studio technology to hospitality. This way, you don't have to worry about anything and can fully focus on the success of your online event.

You can find more information about the green screen studio and facilities on the Studio page

Phase 4 – Editing and Post-Production

If you choose to have us edit the recordings before publication, this offers additional opportunities and flexibility. You can still stream the edited video semi-live later, make it available on demand, or utilize it in other ways.

From a live stream, we can fine-tune the on-demand version, create a highlights video, or provide individual clips. We can also record behind-the-scenes footage and incorporate it into a flashy "making of" video.